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How to Rise Above the Mundane brings together two public discourses given by His Holiness Paramahansa Parivrakacharya Sri Sri Swami Abhedananda Saraswati in Paris in March 2017, on the occasion of His first visit to France. In the first discourse, entitled “The Causes of Suffering”, His Holiness discusses the five basic troubles that are present in all ordinary human beings. These are: 1) Ignorance; 2) “I-ness” – talking about oneself all the time; 3) Attraction; 4) Repulsion; and 5) Fear of Death. These five troubles or causes of suffering, are what keep us in bondage. How to free ourselves from this bondage? How to seek liberation? These questions are addressed in the second discourse, entitled “Liberation”. Here, His Holiness states that “If you want liberation, you will have to seek refuge in the Real Master”. Only He can guide us and reveal to us our divine nature.