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. Divine Sparks from my Master

This spiritual diary proposes a thought for each day of the year, to elevate, inspire and remain in the present with a smile. It is a compilation of words of wisdom spoken by a great Indian Spiritual Master, Sadguru Paramahansa Sri Sri Swami Advaitananda Saraswati. They are presented by theme, such as Meditation, Peace, Plenitude, Divine Qualities, Silence… This diary is to be read, cherished and written in also – blank lines have been placed below each quote, to receive your notes and personal reflections.

Each of these Divine Sparks will accompany you day after day, year after year, and guide you in your daily life as well as on your spiritual path.

An ideal gift to offer for the New Year! Hard copies are also available from Vijay Milan Center France: vijaymilancenter@yahoo.com, or call